Before, During & After the Bris:
What You Should Know

Things to Prepare for the Bris

  • Firm sleeping pillow
  • 4 cloth diapers (or towels)
  • 2 Tallis (prayer shawls)
  • Kosher sweet grape wine &kiddush cup

Please Note: I will supply Bacitracin and gauze

Day of the Bris:
Before the Ceremony

  • Do not soak or use ointments, creams or lotions on bris area; sponge bath is okay.
  • Last feeding should be within the hour before the bris.
  • Dress baby in clothing which may be opened from the bottom and wrap baby in receiving blanket.

Day of the Bris:
After the Ceremony

  • Apply Bacitracin on gauze and place on top of area at each diaper change.
  • Baby may lay in any position that seems comfortable (even on stomach).
  • If baby is uncomfortable, you may give
    1.25 ml of liquid infant acetaminophen.


Day After the Bris
  • Use Bacitracin on gauze over entire bris area at each diaper change for the next 3 days.
  • The redness will subside in a few days; a soft, light-colored healing scab-tissue may form for several days. This is normal.
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