Edward Leventhal, MD
speaks about Rabbi Rappaport

It has been both an honor and a pleasure to work with Rabbi Moshe Rappaport over the last decade. As a busy urologist in Baltimore, I have had the opportunity to participate with Rabbi Rappaport in the mitzvah of bris milah for both children and adults.

As a urologist, I have performed hundreds of circumcisions. Unfortunately, I have also been called upon to revise circumcisions performed by obstetricians and others. Invariably, the problem is that, in the course of the procedure, they either neglect to break down penile adhesions, take too little foreskin or both.

In the twelve years I have been in Baltimore, I have never had to revise any circumcision performed by Rabbi Rappaport. I have never seen a child who underwent bris milah by Rabbi Rappaport have anything less than an aesthetically excellent bris. Watching Rabbi Rappaport performing a bris is like watching an artist. I have seen many Mohelim in my time as a urologist, but none of them can match the technical expertise, the breadth of experience, and the spiritual connection that Rabbi Rappaport brings to the mitzvah of bris milah.



I have been asked by many families if I perform bris milah. The answer is: no. While I am proud about the aesthetic beauty of the circumcisions I perform, there is so much more to a bris milah that can not be offered by a physician. I realize that I could take a course, as others have, and offer my services to the community. And while I could call myself a Mohel, I would be doing an injustice to the families by denying them the beauty of the experience that a real Mohel such as Rabbi Rappaport has to offer.

I know that there are many Mohelim in our community, but having built a decade-long relationship with Rabbi Rappaport, it is easy for me to offer my highest recommendation without reservations. When it comes to something as important as your child's bris milah, I would settle for nothing but the best. And, in my humble opinion, the best is Rabbi Moshe Rappaport.